Building a StoryBrand

The average person’s attention span is now eight seconds, and a typical person spends more than 30% of their time daydreaming. In a world where businesses have 7 seconds to make a first impression, how do you stand out?


Stories are the one thing that can hold a person’s attention for hours. Storytelling is the greatest weapon to combat noise because it organizes information in a way that people are compelled to listen.

“Storytelling is how we make sense of the world. Everything else is just facts.” – Archie James, a mentor and friend

In Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand, he outlines the seven elements of great storytelling to grow your business. From clarifying your messaging to building a brand that customers trust, Miller helps businesses perfect the art of storytelling.

  1. Principle 1: The Customer is the Hero, Not Your Brand
  2. Principle 2: Companies Tend to Sell Solutions to External Problems, But Customers Buy Solutions to Internal Problems.
  3. Principle 3: Customers Aren’t Looking for Another Hero; They’re Looking for a Guide
  4. Principle 4: Customers Trust a Guide Who Has a Plan
  5. Principle 5: Customers Do Not Take Action Unless They are Challenged to Take Action
  6. Principle 6: Every Human Being is Trying to Avoid a Tragic Ending
  7. Principle 7: Never Assume People Understand How Your Brand Can Change Their Lives. Tell Them.

I highly recommend the book to anyone who is in the process of building a website, creating a go-to-market, or just revamping marketing materials. It is an insightful read and easy to put into immediate action.

Favorite Quotes from the Book

“Story is the greatest weapon we have to combat noise because it organizes information in such a way that people are compelled to listen.

“The fact is, pretty websites don’t sell things. Words sell things. And if we haven’t clarified our message, our customers won’t listen.”

“Story is a sense-making device”

“By identifying your customers’ problems, they recognize you as a brand that understands them.”

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